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Name:Solder wire with flux
Name:solder wire with flux
Alloy:Tin Lead or Lead free
Core:flux core
Form:Solder wire

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Product Description

Solder wire with flux

What is Solder wire with flux?

Solder wire with flux means that this solder wire is a pre fluxed solder wire that the core is implemented with flux inside during the production of solder wire. This is a 2-in-1 option of solder wires, solder plus flux in one same wire. The other type of solder wire opposite to the solder wire with flux is the solid core solder wire, which contains no flux inside, when using this type of solid core solder wire, users have to apply external flux to be used together in separate.

How many types of solder wire with flux?

Basing on the nature of the flux, there are majorly three types of solder wire with flux

Type one: solder wire with rosin flux core. This type of solder wire is made with a neutral rosin flux, that is not aggressive and it leaves very little residue after soldering, which will no damage the solder joint so no need to clean the residue. This type of solder wire with flux is used for soldering of electronic devices.

Type two: Solder wire with water soluable flux. This type of solder wire is designed for some high precision and high requirement of electronic soldering. For some applications, no residue is allowed even like the no clean rosin flux cannot be acceptable, then a solder wire with water soluable flux will be the right choice. After soldering, the residue must be removed and can be easily be removed with the compatible solvent that can fully remove the residue.

Type three: solder wire with acid flux. This type of solder wire is made with a acid nature flux core, and majorly used for soldering of metal sheets. Because metal surface can be tarnished and needs to be cleaned properly in order to make the solder well bond the metal sheets. The acid nature flux is aggressive and can easily clean the tarnished surface of the metal, and make the solder area clean to be soldered.


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