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Name:Solder wire alloy 60 40
Title:Solder wire alloy 60 40
Core:Rosin Flux core
Composition:Tin Lead

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Product Description

XF Solder wire alloy 60 40

A flux-cored solder wire 60 40 is made from an alloy consisting of 60% tin and 40% lead. The NC600E flux is made from synthetically refined rosin combined with a highly effective activator.

  • Melting range 183 to 190°C
  • Flux content 1.1% or others upon 
  • Flux conforms to QQ-S-571 and J-STD-004
  • Virtually no spattering
  • Range of wire gauges: 18SWG, 20SWG, 22SWG or others upon request
  • Supplied on 500g reels or others upon request   

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