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Name:China rosin core solder
Name:China rosin core solder
Core:Rosin core
Alloy:Tin solder wire

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Product Description

China rosin core solder

 rosin core solder

What is China rosin core solder?

In China we produce solders in wires or bars, but only the solder wire has options for rosin cored or solid cored. Simply speaking, China rosin core solder means the solder wire that is produced with a rosin based flux core, generally at a nominal rosin flux 2.0%. Because for soldering, flux is necessary to be used in order to carry out the soldering the process. Rosin core is with rosin based and added with some other flux additives, and this rosin flux will help to remove the oxidization surface of the soldering area and also help to further general heat for the solder wire to better melt down evenly and well create a firm solderjoint.


Why should we use a China rosin core solder?

The reason is convenience. Because no matter what, flux will have to be applied when we use solder, so if we already have rosin flux embedded into the wire, then we can directly use it, fast and easy, this will also save so much time during soldering which means labor cost saving.


How many types of China rosin core solder available?

The rosin core solder made in China can be made to either tin lead alloy or lead free alloy. The tin lead solder is available in different composition such as Sn63Pb37, Sn60Pb40, Sn40Pb60 solder etc, while for the lead free solder is available in SAC305, SAC0307, SACX07 etc.


We produce the rosin core solder for many years in China, so if you're looking to buy this, please contact our sales team at: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com , Whatsapp/ Wechat: 008613450770997, main website www.xfsolder.com




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