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Name:2mm solder wire Sn40Pb60 for sale
Name:2mm solder wire Sn40Pb60
Wire diameter:2mm
Core:Rosin Flux 2.0

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Product Description

2mm solder wire Sn40Pb60 for sale


General information of 2mm solder wire Sn40Pb60:

1. Wire diameter: 2mm

2. Core: rosin flux core 2.0% (in case you need other flux content we also can customize)

3. Alloy: Tin & lead (lead containing, no suitable for portable water pipe soldering)

4. Composition: Sn40Pb60 (namely 40% is tin and 60% is lead)

5. Weight each spool: available in 100g/spool, 200g/spool, 250g/spool, 500g/spool, 100g/spool

6. Melting point: 183-238℃, it's considered as a mid-range melting point

7. Working temperature: 280 to 310℃ (Check if such a working temperature is compatible to your electronic devices, otherwise it might caused damage during soldering)

8. Applications: The 2mm solder wire Sn40Pb60 is for home use soldering, also for soldering of lighting, machines etc.


Why 2mm solder wire Sn40Pb60?

1. Price is reasonable. Comparing to high tin alloy Sn63Pb37, this alloy is cheaper at least 25%.

2. 2mm diameter, suitable for soldering some joints which needs to be big one. 

3. Reasonable quality. This alloy of solder wire have good electrical conductivity, and solderjoint is bright and firm too.


If you're looking to buy this alloy of Sn40Pb60 solder wire 2mm from us, contact our sales team: Email xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com, Whatsapp / Wechat: 008613450770997, Main website www.xfsolder.com





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