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Name:China solder wire for plumbing
Name:China solder wire for plumbing
Alloy:Tin Lead
Wire diameter:3mm or 3.2mm

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Product Description

China solder wire for plumbing


As we know that China solder wire is widely used for soldering the electronic components, but this is not the only application of China solder wire. The solder wire can also used for joint of plumbing, especially in Europe or US area, you will see more common use of China solder wire for plumbing joints.


What alloy fo China solder wire is used for plumbing?

1. Lead free solder wire Sn99.3Cu0.7 is the most common type for soldering plumbing copper pipes, it's alloy of tin and copper without lead, and can be used for soldering the copper pipes carrying drinking water. A solder wire 40/60 is also the common type to use for soldering the copper drain pipes or plumbing that is NOT carrying portable water. The solder wire 40/60 contains 40% tin, it has a good wetting property and fluidity, also with much affordable price comparing to solder wir 63/37.

2. A big wire diameter of China solder wire will be used for plumbing soldering. Generally 3mm or 3.2mm wire diameter would be the best. This wire diameter can give a proper solder amount on the joint which can just perfectly seal up the gap of the joint, neither too much nor too little.


How to use China solder wire for plumbing?

1. Use fine sand paper to grind the area which the pipe and valve will be soldered. This is to remove the oxidization layer of the copper pipe surface.

2. Apply external flux to the area that will be soldered. 

3. Use torch to heat up the joint area and let the flux melt properly.

4. Keep heating and use the China solder wire the touch the gap of the joint and the solder will melt down and flow to fill up the gap.

5. Use wet towel to cool down the joint part and clean the excessive flux.


If you want to watch the video of how China solder wire is used for plumbing you can click here: Plumbing soldering using a solder wire.


Contact us if you want to buy the 3mm or 3.2mm solder wire made in China for plumbing purpose. Our Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com, Whatsapp Wechat: 008613450770997, main website www.xfsolder.com


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