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Name:China solder wire 22 swg
Name:China solder wire 22 swg
Wire diameter:22 swg
Core:Rosin flux

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Product Description

China solder wire 22 swg


What does China solder wire 22 swg mean?

Solder wire can be referred to either tin lead type or lead free type (ROHS compliance), while the 22 swg means the wire diameter, it's equivalent to about 0.7mm diameter. There are so many wire diameter of solder wire in China to choose, ranging from 26 swg to 10 swg.


In the solder wire business in China, generally we use mm as measurement, while in UK people will use swg to show the while diameter. But interesting thing is, when we use "mm" to show the solder wire diameter in China, the bigger the number is, the bigger the wire diameter is too (i.e, 2mm solder wire is bigger wire diameter than 1mm); But when we use "swg" to show the China solder wire diameter, the bigger the number is, the small wire diameter it represents (i.e solder wire 22 swg is smaller than solder wire 18 swg in wire diameter). So please make sure when you're looking to buy China solder wire, especially like buyers from UK or India want to buy from China, try to use the right UOM to avoid unnecessary confusion and avoid buying the wrong specifications. 


What is the applications of China solder wire 22 swg for?

The solder wire with 22 swg is a comparatively small wire diameter, so it's generally used for smaller component soldering, or whereas you need to create a small solderjoint, this 22 swg solder wire will be ideal to be used. If you use too big or too small wire diameter, you might need to solder the joint twice or what's worse you solder too big joint which might cause short-circuit. 


Besides producing China solder wire 22 swg, we also produce other gauges, so please contact our sales team for more details. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com  Whatsapp / Wechat: 008613450770997 , Main website www.xfsolder.com


Below the comparison chart among SWG, Inches and mm for your reference.


solder wire 22 swg


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