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Name:Solder wire no clean in China
Name:Solder wire no clean in China
Alloy:Tin Lead or Lead free
Form:Wire solder
Core:No clean

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Product Description

Solder wire no clean in China


What is Solder wire no clean in China?

Solder wire no clean is also known as no clean solder wire. This means that the solder wire is made with a rosin flux core. Rosin is made from the natural organic ingredients form pine tree, it's a very neutral material. And a solder wire no clean made with this rosin flux core, after it's used, there's very little transparent, non corrosive residue will remain on the solder joint as most of the rosin flux will flash off with the heat of solder iron tip. In most of the commercial soldering cases, it's not necessary to remove those residue, unless it's special applications that needs to remove.


What compositions of solder wire no clean in China is available?

The solder wire no clean is available in tin/lead solder wire and lead free solder wire.

Tin/lead solder wire no clean is available in different composition too, the eutectic alloy is solder wire 63/37 with a melting point at 183C, and also there're solder wire no clean 60/40, solder wire no clean 40/60 etc. The tin/lead solder wire is the conventional solder that has been used for long time, and it's until 2006 when ROHS regulation was implemented that in some particular applications, the tin/lead solder wire is prohibited to be used, such as soldering of portable water pipe.

Lead free solder wire majorly available in three types: SAC305 solder wire no clean, SAC0307 solder wire no clean, SACX07 solder wire no clean. All these types don't contain lead, and majorly are alloy of tin, silver and copper. SAC305 solder wire is the most expensive and high end one out of the three. And lead free solder wire no clean can be used for soldering of portable water pipes.


Special notice: the solder wire no clean is designed majorly for electronic component soldering, and for soldering of plumbings, an acid core solder wire would be a more appropriate, because the acid flux can help to remove the tarnished surface and make the solder joint firm


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