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Name:lead-free flux cored solder wire
Name:Lead-free flux cored solder wire
Alloy:Tin Silver Copper
Composition:Lead free
Core:flux cored
Form:solder wire

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Product Description

Lead-free flux cored solder wire

What is lead-free flux cored solder wire?

The lead-free flux cored solder wire indicates two important factors of this solder wire. First is it's a lead free type, second it's pre fluxed core wire.

Lead free solder wire: This is the contrast concept against the conventional tin/lead solder wire. Conventional tin lead alloy contains lead and lead was proven to be harmful to human health, thus in applications that closely contact to human, uses of tin lead alloy is banned. While lead free solder wire use only tin, silver and copper without lead, and it's designed to replace the tin/lead alloy for the areas that leaded solder are banned.

Flux cored solder wire: we can actually have two options of the core of wire, solid core or flux cored solder wire. Solid core means solder wire is with a solid, compact core and without any flux pre-implemented into the solder wire; flux cored solder wire is already made with a flux embedded into the wire, and during soldering there's no need to apply external flux, the solder wire is already a combination of solder plus flux.

How many types of lead-free flux cored solder wire and what are their applications?

Lead-free flux cored solder wire with rosin flux: Rosin flux is neutral flux and are not that aggressive, it's designed for the application of electronic soldering such as PCB boards, and it's also used for soldering of jewelry too. Generally a rosin flux cored solder wire is no clean type.

Lead-free flux cored solder wire with acid flux: Acid flux core is aggressive and can clean the tarnished and oxidized metal surface, thus it's more used for soldering of plumbings, especially for the drinking water pipes which tin/lead solder alloy is banned to use.

Lead-free flux cored solder wire with water soluable flux. Water soluable flux is strong and aggressive flux, that can be used to to solder electronics of high end, and using of this type means removal of residue by water is required, as the residue on the beam will eventually cause damage to the solder joint.


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