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Name:Pre fluxed solder wire
Name:Pre fluxed solder wire
Alloy:Tin Lead and lead free
Form:Solder wire
Core:Pre fluxed core

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Product Description

Pre fluxed solder wire

What is pre fluxed solder wire?

The pre fluxed solder wire is the alternative option to the solid core solder wire. As we all know that to complete the soldering, we need to have solder wires (the solder consumable) and compatible flux to used together otherwise the soldering cannot be done. The flux is an additive to help the solder wire to better melt down and flow over to cover the soldering area and form a good solder joint. And in soldering of metals, the acid nature of flux is to help to remove the tarnished surface of the soldering area and help to solder area can be well bond by the solder. Thus, there're two options to choose the type of solder wires, first option is the pre fluxed solder wire that we're talking about today, that the flux is implemented into the core of solder wire during the production of solder wire, and users don't have to prepare flux in separate; the other option is solid core solder wire with which users have to prepare external flux. 

Why should we choose pre fluxed solder wire?

It depends on the actual application, but in most general soldering purpose, a pre fluxed solder wire is the best option, because it's a 2-in-1 option, handy and easy for users. No matter for personal application or for industrial manufacturing purpose, convenient and fast, it avoids the trouble of preparing flux and save time during soldering.

How many types of pre fluxed solder wire available?

1. No clean pre fluxed solder wire. This is with a rosin flux core and it has little residue and neutral residue after soldering, requires no cleaning.

2. Acid core pre fluxed solder wire. This is made with a acid flux core, an aggressive one. Suitable for soldering metals, because the acid flux will help to clean the tarnished surface to get it prepared for the soldering.

3. Water soluable pre fluxed solder wire. This one is used for high precision soldering requirement, as in some application removal of residue is a must, thus such water soluable flux after soldering can be cleaned with compatible solvent.


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