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Name:Lead free solder wire 500g
Name:Lead free solder wire 500g
Alloy:Tin Silver Copper
Composition:SAC305, SAC0307, SACX07
Form:Wire solder
Weight:500g per roll

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Product Description

lead free solder wire 500g

What is lead free solder wire 500g?

The concept lead free is comparing to the conventional solder which is a tin/lead alloy solder (lead containing). Comparing to the tin lead alloy, the lead free solder wire use silver and copper to replace the lead content. At the early stage, solders are majorly made of tin lead alloy until lead was found and proven to be harmful to health thus in some applications the tin lead alloy is banned. And especially after ROHS regulation took effect in July 1, 2006, a lot of electronic devices especially home appliances must comply with ROHS thus the soldering material used to solder the electrical components needs to be lead free too. In XF Solder we make the lead free solder wire 500g for industrial use. Because the solder wire 500g is a bigger roll, suitable to be used in the electronic factories then there's no need to change the solder roll too frequently. 

How many types of lead free solder wire 500g available?

In XF Solder we have the lead free solder wire 500g available in SAC305 lead free solder wire, SAC0307 lead free solder wire and SACX07 lead free solder wire, all made to 500g each roll. SAC305 contains 3.0% of silver, it has the eutectic temperature of tin, silver and copper, also has the best electrical conductivity and best firm solder joint out of the 3 types, but because it contains high silver thus it's very costy too. In most of the cases, SAC07 lead free solder wire 500g will be the mostly used type among the lead free solder family due to its economic cost. The SAC07 lead free is about 30% more expensive than solder wire 63/37, but keep in mind that SAC305 solder wire is about 3 times the cost of solder wire 63/37.


If you're looking to buy the lead free solder wire 500g in bulk with good price, contact us. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com ; Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997 ; Main website: www.xfsolder.com


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